How to Choose a Made to Measure Wardrobe With Shelves

A wardrobe with shelves can add value to a home and can serve as an excellent way to organize your closet. Custom built shelving, for example, costs considerably more than a stock piece of furniture but will provide you with a closet accessible from all sides. In fact, the cost of installing a wardrobe with shelves can be similar to that of remodeling a bathroom or buying new furniture. And if you want to maximize the space of a small bedroom, a custom built wardrobe can double as an entertainment center as well.

Another great way to maximize small bedroom space is to install a wardrobe with sliding doors. They will save you space because there is no need to open and close the doors. You can even use the space for an occasional chair. When buying a wardrobe, make sure to purchase one that is not too tight, so you can view your clothes and hang them. The drawers can even hold extra items such as shoes and handbags. However, if you have a lot of clothes and little space, you can consider installing a double-door wardrobe with a sliding door.

For additional storage space, a wardrobe with shelves can be equipped with hanging rails. Ideally, each section has a height of 40 inches. Make sure there is ample space between the top of each rail and the top of the wardrobe so that hangers do not stick out of it. You can also opt for a coat wardrobe. Make sure the depth of the wardrobe is 28-30 inches. Make sure the sleeve length of your coats is not entangled in the door panels.

A walk-in wardrobe with shelves can be combined with decorative storage boxes. These storage boxes can help keep winter clothes fresh and bed linen fresh. Decorative boxes can also help you store items like linens or seasonal clothing that do not need to be dusty. In addition to shelving, you can also use drawer inserts to create additional order in your drawers. Finally, consider underbed storage containers. If you don’t have the room for a full-sized wardrobe, you can buy storage boxes and drawer organisers.

Antique wardrobes with shelves are popular and often made of wood. Most of these pieces are made of pine or softwood and are made with great care. Many pieces were crafted in the nineteenth century and are now available for a reasonable price. These pieces range from 18th Century to the 20th century. If you are looking for a vintage wardrobe with shelves, a Victorian one associated with Louis XV are popular at 1stDibs. Those pieces typically run from $990 to $13,950, with an average price of $3450.

You can also install metal shelving in your wardrobe. Metal shelving is not solid and is usually made up of thin wires. They are perfect for storing folded items, shoes, and other accessories. Professional organizers and designers recommend this type of wardrobe shelving. Lisa Adams, the CEO of LA Closet Design, says: “The advantages of adding shelving to your closet are many and far reaching. You can have your dream wardrobe by utilizing the services of an expert in the field.